Assassin’s Creed Origins: How to find all 5 Hermit Locations

The Hermit Shrines are a bit of an obscure set of locations in Assassin’s Creed Origins that are worth searching out for both the five extra skill points, and for the “Words of Wisdom” achievement you receive for searching out all five shrines.

Unfortunately, because many of these shrines are about as far off the beaten path as they can get, you’ll rarely encounter all of them just wandering around doing quests. So, we thought we would throw together a guide to give you a chance to find them all, both for the sweet extra skill points, and to make sure that achievement doesn’t keep you from marking this title off your to-do list.

Keep in mind that there’s no real order to finding these, but we tried to structure this guide to make it as easy as possible. Be aware that most of these shrines are sitting in high level areas, so you’ll want to make sure you’re leveled appropriately before you dive into a particularly tough area. There’s nothing stopping you from running it at a much lower level, but you’re likely to die, a lot.

Demesne of Sekhem

Location: Herakleion Nome

The first stop on our journey takes us just across the pond from Kanopos Nome into Herakleion Nome. Make your way to the islands just east of Herakleion and just west of the Roman Camp of Jumbe.

As you approach, be careful of the numerous lions and small roman patrols in the areas, they’re all around level 30 but generally manageable even at low level if you’ve got a fast horse and you’re willing to run away from anything that can kill you in a single hit.

Once you arrive be sure to loot around a bit for some extra coins and some words of wisdom left by the local hermit. When you’re ready, approach the small shrine beside the drying racks and rest to snag your skill point and mark this area off your map.


Eremites Hideout

Location: Faiyum

The Eremites Hideout hermit shrine is nestled along the southern border of Faiyum near where the border of White Desert Oasis, UAB Nome, and Faiyum come together. You should see the marker near the coast if you cross the river west of Krokodilopolis.

Once you arrive, you’ll be confronted by a small army of snakes, so keep your bow or some fire bombs handy to make thinning them out easy. Once the area is clear, make your way up to the platform on top of the nearby columns and meditate at the small shrine to snag your skill point and mark this area off your achievement list. 


Location: Paraitonion

Ogdamos, better known for its status as the city of cats, is located almost smack dab in the center of Paraitonion. Unfortunately, finding this shrine to felines is a little tricky because there aren’t any significant landmarks and Paraitonion is plagued by sandstorms at regular intervals.

Your best bet is to actually place a marker at the bottom right leg of the second “A” in Paraitonion, then use the map marker and Senu to scout around as needed. Just be careful, because this city can be surprisingly easy to miss because of the way it sits under the shelf of a cliff.

Once you’ve finished playing with the local populace, make your way to the red and white building on the northern section of the town to rest at the simple white sheet within.

Aquifer Oasis

Location: Qattara Depression

Our next shrine is a fair shot south down to the Qattara Depression, but unlike the former shrine this one is pretty easy to find because the Aquifer Oasis is one of the only bodies of water in the province. Just look on your map for a patch of blue a little southwest of the Osiris Stone Circle in the mountain range on the midwestern side of the province.

Be careful when you arrive because a pack of hyenas have made this little oasis their home and you’ll want to clean them out before you try and rest at the shrine. The shrine itself is actually in the water near the small huts and is marked by three standing torches.


Ra-Horakhty Mountain Top

Location: Black Desert

Our final shrine is located high up in the mountains of the Black Desert, and if you haven’t been there already, this is your chance to take a trip up to the highest point in Assassin’s Creed Origins and net yourself the “I Can See My House From Here!” achievement.

Of course, getting to this shrine can be a bit of a practice in billy-goat mountain climbing, although there are several small paths you can take from the main road to get to the peak, the winding nature of the paths through the mountain make it almost faster to climb the mountain rather than try to make your way to one of the nearby goat paths.

Once you arrive follow the scaffolding to the very tip of the peak and meditate at the small shrine on the edge to net your achievement and the final skill point you’ll receive for traveling to the most remote regions of Assassin’s Creed Origins.