Battlefield 1 is getting a revamped Specializations system

Character Specializations have long been a part of DICE’s Battlefield series, but they only appeared in Battlefield 1 in a very limited capacity. However, that’s all going to change thanks to an upcoming revamp for the feature.

As you can see from this recent post that DICE put up on the official Battlefield 1 subreddit, the new Specializations will be divided into two categories: generic (meaning anyone can equip them) and kit-specific (i.e. they’ll be tied to a specific kit like Assault or Medic). There will be seven generic Specializations and two kit-specific Specializations per kit (so eight total), and all players will start out with the first three generic Specialization perks unlocked. In order to unlock the rest, a player will have to first complete a new series of Service Assignments that will be introduced in the upcoming In the Name of the Tsar expansion.

A specific release timeline for the new Specializations system hasn’t yet been confirmed, but the subreddit post does say that testing for the feature will soon commence on the PC community test server. The new Specializations will likely arrive around the same time as the In the Name of the Tsar expansion.