Battlefield 1 will receive sweeping changes to player and vehicle movement

Over the next several months, DICE will be bringing some pretty substantial changes to Battlefield 1 as part of a massive game-wide overhaul it is calling the Roots Initiative. Virtually every facet of the game will be reexamined and tweaked as part of the Roots Initiative, but DICE is starting with two elements which many players would likely agree are some of the most important: player and vehicle movement mechanics.

Thanks to feedback which DICE gathered via this Roots Initiative Reddit summary post, the following issues will be addressed in a future game update. DICE was careful to note that any planned changes will first be rigorously tested on Battlefield 1’s community test server before they are transferred over to the live game.

Player Movement

  • Vaulting inconsistency
  • Landing animation: Soldier goes into a “crouched” animation where he is fully able to fire but is hard to hit.
  • Soldier flinching: When shot in the head, the head flinches towards a direction making a follow-up headshot impossible.
  • Getting pushed from walls and other collisions: When proned, player gets forced into a different stance if he is too close to a wall or object.
  • Firing while falling: Bringing back the BF4 year two changes (i.e. being able to shoot while falling, but not after jumping)
  • Movements over small height changes, getting blocked by very small things, sliding back on small collisions.
  • Stance changes sometimes slowing down the soldier too much and building negative momentum.
  • Soldier speed tone down.
  • ADAD Spam fix.
  • Turn radius and angular speed for bayonet charges
  • Point blank charges / too short distance bayonet charges.

Vehicle Movement

  • Horses not jumping small fences.
  • Horses getting stuck too often in trenches.
  • Messy horse versus horse fights where one horse would tend to jump above the other one.
  • Clunky experiences with sidecars and scout cars.
  • Lack of fine-tuned control over sidecars and scout cars
  • Sidecars and scout cars tend to drift too much.
  • Armored cars getting stuck in vertical obstacles such as craters.
  • Inconsistencies when switching between bomber and fighter plane controls.

DICE hasn’t confirmed when exactly the above changes will go live, but it says hopefully they’ll begin rolling out soon. The next two gameplay elements that will be addresses as part of the Roots Initiative will be melee combat and weapon mechanics.