The Dauntless Founder’s Alpha begins in August

Developer Phoenix Labs has announced that the special ‘Founder’s Alpha’ for its upcoming monster-slaying MMO Dauntless will begin in August, giving fans their first opportunity to play a publicly available version of the game.

According to a press release from Phoenix Labs, the Founder’s Alpha will begin on August 18. What exactly will be available during the alpha remains to be seen, but Phoenix Labs also announced that the game’s NDA will be lifted once the alpha is live, which means content creators who have access to the alpha will be able to livestream, record video, and take screenshots to their heart’s content.

The Founder’s Alpha will only be available to those who purchase the $79.99 Founder’s pack (less expensive pre-launch pack options will grant access to an upcoming closed beta). You can purchase any of the three available pre-launch packs here.