What you should know about the Final Fantasy fighting game coming to PS4

If you’ve ever wanted to put your favorite Final Fantasy characters up against each other in one-on-one brawls, Square-Enix will do you one better. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the third installment in the Dissidia series, will be coming to the PS4 in 2018, and it will feature three-on-three fighting.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT has been out in Japanese arcades for quite some time, but this marks the first time that it will come to consoles. Appropriately enough, it will also be the 10th anniversary of the release of the original Dissidia on the PSP back in 2008.

All the Dissidia details

The official press release states that players will be able to fight on or offline, and it’s the offline capability that has really made fans curious. Dissidia takes place from an over-the-shoulder perspective. On the PSP this didn’t matter, since every one had their own screen. VS setups in Japanese arcades also had multiple screens. Home consoles, however, will only have one screen on which to operate. Will multiple players be forced to play in split-screen? Will it even work for a game as fast-paced as Dissidia?

The console version of NT will feature 20 playable characters and an extended list of summons. It will run on the same bravery combat system as previous Dissidia titles. Square showed  off the game at E3, and professional fighting game players Justin Wong and K-Brad fought exhibition matches. Might Square-Enix be looking to transition Dissidia into an e-sports title? We will just have to wait and see.