Doom’s 6.66 update revises MP progression and makes all DLC free

Id Software has released a substantial new update for its recent Doom reboot which appropriately brings the game’s version up to 6.66 and also makes sweeping changes to both multiplayer progression and paid DLC.

First, Doom’s season pass program has been retired and all the content that was originally locked behind the game’s three paid DLC expansions has been made free for all players. This content includes new maps, weapons, armor sets, playable demons, and more.

The multiplayer progression system has also undergone a massive overhaul. Now, instead of randomly unlocking items whenever they level up, players can unlock specific items by reaching certain level milestones or completing certain challenges, allowing them to work towards rewards that they actually want to unlock.

Every player has had their multiplayer level reset to level 0, but veteran players can choose whether or not they want to retain the random rewards they earned before the reset, and they’ll also get a special profile badge denoting their veteran status. The Hack Modules system has also been replaced with a new Runes system that offers permanent perks which don’t expire (similar to the Runes system from the single-player campaign).

Lastly, Doom’s price has been permanently cut to $14.99 (digital copies only) and a series of free weekends (July 20-24 for Xbox One/PC, July 27-31 for PlayStation 4) will give interested players a chance to try the game out without having to open their wallets. The free weekends will allow players to play Doom’s first two campaign levels and its online multiplayer. Any progress made during the free weekends will be retained if a player chooses to buy the full game.

More information on all of the above changes can be found via this recent blog post from publisher Bethesda.