Episodic surveillance title Orwell is getting a second season

Last year, developer Osmotic released the debut season of Orwell, an episodic game in which the player is given control over the titular Orwell surveillance system and discovers both the power and price incurred from using it. We found Orwell to be a fascinating and provocative title (you can read our impressions of the first season here) and it would seem we weren’t alone since Orwell has generated enough buzz to greenlight a second season.

While the first season of Orwell dealt with elements like the dangers of unchecked omniscience and the threat of homegrown terrorism, it sounds like the game’s second season will hit even closer to home by tackling a new subject: the power of media and the dangers of fake news. ‘Fake News’ is, of course, a popular buzzword that the current Trump administration likes to throw around, so it’s probably not surprising that the trailer for Orwell’s second season (a season which is titled Ignorance is Strength) features real-life clips of people like Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway along with more positive figures like Barack Obama.

Osmotic hasn’t announced a specific release date for Ignorance is Strength, but it promises the season should kick off “soon.” Much like the first season, Orwell: Ignorance is Strength will be available on PC, Mac, and Linux in a weekly episodic format.