The Evil Within 2 will have a more robust and forgiving upgrade system

The Evil Within 2 publisher Bethesda has released a new blog post in which it details how developer Tango Gameworks will be making the sequel’s upgrade and customization systems just a little more forgiving than those of its predecessor.

The post, which you can read here, discusses how players will once again be able to customize and upgrade both protagonist Sebastian Castellanos and his weapons, but this time around they’ll use separate resources for each. In the original The Evil Within, a single resource, green gel, was used for both types of upgrades, often forcing players to decide between upping Sebastian’s survivability by increasing his health, accuracy, speed, etc. or increasing the power of his weapons. In The Evil Within 2, green gel will still be used for improving Sebastian’s stats, but a second resource, weapon parts, will be used to upgrade weapons.

Bethesda was careful to clarify that The Evil Within 2 is a horror/survival game first and foremost, and therefore players won’t be able to turn Sebastian into an unstoppable monster-slaying machine, but the sequel’s less strict upgrade system should hopefully make it a little easier for players to develop their own customized combat/gameplay styles. You can see a visual preview of the new upgrades system in action via the below video.

The Evil Within 2 will launch for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 13.