Friday the 13th: The Game’s next patch will address team killing

Purposeful team killing (i.e. intentionally killing your fellow camp counselors when playing as a counselor yourself) has become a widespread issue in Friday the 13th: The Game, so much so that developer Gun Media will be addressing it directly in the game’s next content patch.

According to this recent Reddit post from Gun Media, team killing has gotten slightly out of hand. The main issue seems to be that, once they reach the maximum XP level, players don’t really have a whole lot of incentive to keep playing, and thus many turn to team killing if only because it provides a cheap thrill with no downside (there is an XP penalty, but that doesn’t really matter if you’re already at the max level). In the next match, most forms of team killing will be disabled with just two exceptions:

  • Getting run over by a car will still kill you
  • Bear traps laid by other counselors can still hurt/kill, but the player who set the trap will no longer suffer an XP penalty if their trap ends up killing another counselor player

Gun Media also clarified that team killing will remain unchanged in private matches, so you and your friends can keep killing each other if that’s the sort of thing you enjoy. The patch (which doesn’t yet have a solid release date) will also add in new counselor emotes and three new maps that will feature a smaller field of play.