GameFrame: DXRacer USA Special Edition

Summer is here, and the 4th of July will be upon us before you know it. And while for some people July 4th means BBQs and fireworks, the fact that it's a day off from work and/or school means it's also a great day to celebrate by playing games. 

Our latest GameFrame desk setup features DXRacer's USA Special Edition chair as its centerpiece, surrounded by a suitably patriotic gaming ensemble of hardware and peripherals. With this battlestation, we can celebrate Independence Day year round while ranking up with Soldier 76 in Overwatch.

That’s what July 4th is all about, isn’t it? The freedom to sit and game until the wee hours of the morning? That's probably somewhere in the Declaration of Independence. Maybe towards the end. 

The Chair

Ah, the centerpiece of our ode to the good ol’ US of A, the DXRacer USA Special Edition gaming chair, available from Newegg for $399.

We get a lot of gaming chairs around here, but this one is definitely one of the standouts in terms of aesthetic design. It’s got ALL the red white and blue, with a sweeping pattern on the back that puts one in mind of Old Glory, and a particularly awesome shield-like pattern on the top of the back rest.

The front of the chair is also swimming in the RW and B. That same shield is featured prominently, and every surface of the seating area and backing is covered in color, along with the much-appreciated lumbar support pillow and headrest. Definitely sensing a theme here, and it’s a theme Captain America would appreciate I’m sure.

It’s not subtle, but that’s not what DXRacer is going for with this special edition product. It’s quite loud in terms of design, and though the flag-inspired coloring might seem a little odd given that it’s a gaming chair, there’s no denying that it makes quite a statement.

Color and design aside, this is more or less the same DXRacer we know and love. It has the same high-density cold cure foam filling for comfort and durability, the same inlaid color base, and the same double wheels that make switching direction painless.

It’s a comfortable chair for sure, even for someone on the tall side like me. The armrests are adjustable in just about every direction, and the tilting mechanism is intuitive and functional. There's not much more you could ask for from a chair, beyond comfort and an awesome design. Small wonder this is the centerpiece of our indoor 4th of July gaming celebration.

The Monitor

Now that we’ve got a place to sit, the next thing we need is something to look at. We’ve got to watch the colorful firework show on something, and we’re not super interested in going outside, what with the mosquitoes and everything.

The dazzlingly white Samsung 391 series monitor is both a great fit for our USA-themed setup and an attractive option all on its own.  It's a stylish, functional, and dependable curved full HD gaming monitor. No it’s not 4K, but it’s a high quality display we’ve been using for a while now, and you can pick a 391 up for yourself for just $350

The Keyboard

How are you going to Google “fun 4th of July things I can do from my gaming chair” without a keyboard? Don’t worry, Tesoro has got you covered. I’m super into the slim 6.2mm, low profile switches on the Tesoro Gram Spectrum. The fully programmable RGB and white finish is the Kailh on top.

You can also get the same keyboard in black, if you want to go the less flashy route.

You can learn more about the Tesoro Gram Spectrum lineup, then pick one up in a variety of colors and switch types for $140.

The Mouse

We’ve been loving the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition mouse; its straightforward features and precision are a great combination.

And the only thing better than an awesome gaming mouse is an RGB mouse pad, and you better believe Razer has one of those too.

And the only thing more awesome than full RGB mouse everything is making it red, white, and/or blue, and then stuffing our faces with hot dogs (or the unhealthy food of your choice).

You can pick up the Razer Lancehead and the Firefly mousepad for about $80 and $60 respectively.

The Speakers

You can’t have a 4th of July party without sweet tunes, so we're here to help on that front too. RGB on speakers might seem odd, but everyone knows LEDs make every song sound better, so the Creative Sound BlasterX Kratos are a perfect fit for our indoor heat sink barbeque.

Hook these speakers up, turn them to your choice of red, white, or blue, and make sure your entire neighborhood can hear you blasting WIllie Nelson for full effect.

You can pick the Kratos speakers up for $129.

The Build

If you’ve followed our advice so far, you’re rocking a pretty spectacular patriotic GameFrame, and for that you should be commended.

To tie it all together you need a flashy rig.

In the days of RGB everything, chances are you can already customize your lighting profile to match everything around you using the appropriate software. We’ve got some G SKill TridentZ RGB RAM here, in addition to an Aorus board with all sorts of LEDs, and a EVGA 1080 FTW GPU in our red In Win test bench.

It’s also running white coolant through an EK cooling loop, so we’ve got all three colors represented in our cutting edge gaming build. What a time to be alive.

Even if you’re not quite as RGB crazy as we are, there are a million different cases available in red, white, or blue, like this one, this one, or this one, so you’ve got plenty of options.

You have the freedom to choose, and that's what the 4th of July is all about. 

That and awesome USA-themed gaming chairs.