Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite: Frame By Frame Breakdown of Venom, Black Widow, and Winter Solider

Capcom and Sony have just dropped a trailer for the second half of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’s Season 1 of DLC characters (which you can watch above). It’s an all Marvel party this time around as the Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Venom join the roster on December 5. Their release will coincide with the new balance patch and will happen only a few days before the big year-end Battle for the Stones tournament. We might even see some pro surprise us by bringing one of these newcomers into competitive play.

Before we have an answer to that question, we need to know what these characters can do and for that we need to break this trailer down.

The Winter Soldier

Official Capcom Description: As a skilled assassin, Winter Soldier has various ways to debilitate opponents and excels at ground combat. Using his cybernetic arm, he can activate Metal Shield, which provides him with enough armor to not only ignore hits, but to walk away unscathed. Though his move set is limited with Metal Shield active, the potential for devastating punishes is massive.

Many fans wondered what the Winter Soldier would even do in a fighting game context. His most notable character traits are his skill with guns and his metal arm. So, of course, MVCI’s Winter Soldier fires guns and punches people with his metal arm. Yes, this makes him very similar to Chris Redfield, with a few major differences.

First it appears as if all of his guns and grenades can be used on the ground as well as in the air. The trailer opens with a downward machine gun shot followed up with a grenade toss. This makes the Winter Soldier feel like an aggressive zoner, someone who wants to litter the screen with projectiles before making his way in to deal real damage. It’s also worth noting that we see the Winter Soldier cancel his hand-gun shot into a machine gun shot at several points in the trailer. It’s possible that his hand-gun shot is just a normal attack, like Cable’s was in MVC2. As for the machine gun, it’s more obvious that this is a special as it can be aimed up or forward on the ground or down or forward in the air, which follows the standard projectile pattern.

The other side of the Winter Soldier’s arsenal is his metal arm, and this arm has some armor on it. We see Zero try to dive-kick Bucky, only to see the characteristic red hyper armor flash followed by an uppercut that sends zero into a wall bounce. Bucky easily picks Zero up for and air-combo afterward and transitions into the super version of the same uppercut, which I’ll bet has invincibility frames. If you were someone who liked Monster Hunter’s armor but didn’t like how slow and awkward she was, The Winter Soldier might be the character for you.

We see his metal arm in action once more in the next shot, where he simply walks through Nova’s Gravimetric Blaster hyper. Once again, this appears to have full hyper armor. Bucky follows up this period of pseudo-invincibility with a haymaker punch, reminiscent of Nemesis. This punch causes a ground bounce which Bucky then follows up with a projectile super involving several hand gun shots, a grenade volley, a machine gun shot, and one final grenade for good measure. This super lasts for quite a bit of time and can likely be used for lockdown, similar to Dante’s Million Dollars super.

During the next section of the trailer Bucky does a combo with the help of the Power Stone install. We don’t see much new here, though we do see that some of his grenades will bounce until they hit the opponent. We also see that his haymaker punch appears to be able to transition into an auto-combo, similar to Chris Redfield’s punch combos. He ends the combo with his level 3, his own version of unyielding justice, which is a standard cinematic hyper combo that’s invincible on startup.

Black Widow

Official Capcom Description: Black Widow’s gauntlets can fire off different projectiles that range from a sticky bomb to one that emits a nerve gas, which crumples the opponent. With the unique ability to perform evasive maneuvers, catching Black Widow will not be easy.

If you like mix-ups and resets, then you will love Black Widow. Her tools are meant specifically to penetrate the opponent’s defenses, though this might mean that she deals low damage overall.

The first move we see is a sticky mine. Widow fires a projectile at her opponent and if it hits, it sticks them with a timed explosive. They can block this explosion, but it will effectively prevent them from pressing buttons until it comes off. It’s unclear whether or not it will fall off if they manage to hit Widow in the meantime. Widow manages to mix-up Ultron by using a command flip, crossing him up just before the explosion goes off. This will likely be a core part of her offensive strategy.

It’s also worth noting that Widow was able to pick up Ultron into a combo complete with super at the end after the explosion. This super was a simple auto-combo super and will likely be her go to damage ender.

Widow also has access to a variety of stunning strikes. If she lands one of these it puts her opponent into a crumple state, as we see with Firebrand. This will likely be one of her main combo extenders, and will be used similarly to Thanos’s Emperor’s Stance.

Widow appears to have a normal or command normal that puts her airborne (note, Bucky also had access to this). She follows up her stun with this move and then cancels into what appears to be an air grappling hook. Unlike Spider-Man, Spencer, and most of the other grappling hook character, Black Widow’s hook actually pulls the opponent toward her for more combo opportunities, like the second hit of Ghost Rider’s standing hard punch.

It’s the next part of this combo that is truly amazing. Widow lands as Firebrand is pulled toward her and transitions into a relatively simple chain combo that ends with her aerial command normal. However, Firebrand flips out of the combo before the command normal hits. So Widow cancels the command normal into an aerial command throw which puts Firebrand into a combo-ready OTG state. Like I said, Black Widow is a reset monster!

Black Widow uses another stunning move in the next combo which puts Firebrand into an OTG state immediately. She then fires an explosive in midair which appears to bounce off the wall and explode to continue the combo. She then transitions into another reset situation by striking Firebrand with an air-combo and, once he flips out, grappling herself to the ground to hit him with what appears to be a super version of her air command grab!

We then see a Time Stone install combo, which doesn’t tell us much about the properties of her moves but we do see them used in quick succession. We see a ground mine, a stun punch, a stun swipe, a stun punch that ends in a burst which causes a wall bounce, and an electric projectile. She follows this up with her level three which, of course, is a standard cinematic super with invincibility frames on startup.


Official Capcom Description: Returning to the series with some of his signature moves, Venom’s aggressive playstyle is further amplified in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. His new movement option is Venom Glide, a web zip of sorts, which can be aimed in six different directions, enabling him to keep the pressure going in his favor.

Even though the Winter Soldier and Black Widow looked cool, it’s Venom that I am most excited about. Venom hasn’t been in a VS. series game since MVC2. Rumor had it that his entire move-set was going to be reworked to make him feel more like a MCU character, but I’m happy to say that it hasn’t! Venom plays exactly like he did in Marvel vs. Capcom 1, right down to his normals! He was the Marvel poster boy for MVC1, the only new Marvel character to be introduced in that game. It’s fantastic that he finally made his way back into the series with Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Of course, you can expect a fair bit of Spider-Man influence in Venom’s move-set. He can web-zip just like Spidey Can, and we see him do exactly that in the opening of his trailer segment. Notably, he web-zips directly down to his Spidey with an overhead. He transitions this into a combo that utilizes his classic standing hard punch, a move that turns his entire body into a pair of jaws. It’s just a normal but it has so much personality, I felt like I had to mention it.

He did show off one new move in this combo. After launching Spidey into the air, Venom uses some sort of air-dash special move which surrounds him with symbiote tentacles. This could be a fairly good move for pressure or combo extension. I could see Venom throwing out this move and later tagging in a partner while the opponent is locked down. If the move hits, it causes a wallbounce, which will allow for very easy combo follow-ups.

Venom then shows off his Venom Web super which literally has a full screen hit-box. This is one of Venom’s most dangerous tools. If the opponent is pressing buttons at any time, just throw out Venom Web and it will beat them clean.

Venom Web ends with one of Venom’s other moves, Venom Fang, a giant leap which once again turns him into a gigantic jaw. This does multiple hits and once again can be used for lockdown or pressure. It’s always the last hit of Venom Web, but Venom can use this special alone as well.

The next segment shows us a new take on Venom’s Venom Rush. While this was a multi-hitting ground projectile in previous VS. series games, it’s now a hit-grab that comes up from the ground and encases the opponent in symbiotic goo. Venom appears to be able to move after sending out Venom Rush, and this will likely be one of his main ways to approach his opponents. He combos Venom Rush into Web Throw, another Spidey staple which is just a bit more violent when Venom does it.

The next segment shows two important things. First, his aerial Venom Fang special causes an OTG state allowing for combo follow-ups after an air-combo. Second, his Venom Rush super still acts the way it did in previous VS. games, as a multi-hitting ground wave that pushes the opponent into the corner. We then get to see that his standard Venom Rush reaches high enough into the air to grab even a launched opponent, before Venom shows off his level 3, once again a standard cinematic super with invincibility on startup.

Who will you play?

That’s all the info we could squeeze from this trailer right now. Overall, these players are going to make a serious splash in the MVCI meta. Any character with hyper armor is a character that has the potential to be a serious contender, and Bucky is the very first zoner with hyper armor we have seen. Black Widow appears to be one of the first characters intentionally designed to be reset heavy. With Capcom actually working to remove reset setups in the next balance patch, anyone looking to play a reset heavy game will have to gravitate toward her. Finally Venom is a delightfully goopy blast from the past. Anyone who enjoyed playing him in previous VS games will enjoy him even more now.

For anyone interest in costumes the Winter Soldier will come with a Bucky costume, Black Widow will come with a skin-tight cosmonaut suit, and Venom can be skinned as the white Anti-Venom.

If you still haven’t been sold on MVCI, Capcom is hosting a free multiplayer demo weekend from 11/24-11/27. It’s available for all PS+ members on the PS4 and the digital version will be on sale during the whole demo period.

Which of these new DLC characters are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.