Middle-earth: Shadow of War will have optional microtransactions

Monolith Productions and Warner Bros have confirmed that Middle-earth: Shadow of War will have an optional microtransactions system for players who want to give their Shadow of War playthrough a little boost.

As Monolith recently detailed in this post on the WB Games Community forums, the microtransactions will be tied into Shadow of War’s expanded Nemesis System, a system which now allows players to not only subjugate new Orc followers, but also allows them to recruit powerful Orc generals and leaders, each with their own unique stories and quirks. If a player wants, they’ll be able to purchase microtransactions such as XP boosters for protagonist Talion, Loot Chests that contain new gear (weapons and armor) for Talion, War Chests that contain new Orc followers of varying rarities, and bundle packages that offer varying amounts of XP boosters, War Chests, and Loot Chests at a discount.

Monolith was also careful to clarify that all of the items acquired through microtransactions can also be earned via in-game means. The microtransactions are simply there for those who’d rather spend a little money to acquire items more quickly.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War will launch on October 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.