Nintendo confirms that Mario is no longer officially a plumber

Mario, the main protagonist of the long-running Super Mario series and the bonafide mascot of pretty much the entire Nintendo brand, has long been known as a member of the plumber trade alongside his brother Luigi. However, going by Nintendo’s most recent update on the matter, it would seem that the iconic red-clad hero has officially left his plumbing days behind him.

Over on the official Japanese Nintendo profile page for various Super Mario characters, Mario himself is listed as having once been a plumber “long ago,” but he has since left that life in favor of more active pursuits such as golf, soccer, baseball, tennis, and even Olympic-level competitions. Plus, there’s all that business with the Mushroom Kingdom and having to constantly save both it and its resident princess from a big fire-breathing troublemaker named Bowser. Honestly, the fact that Mario really hasn’t had time for his old plumbing vocation isn’t that surprising.

So there you have it, if you often wondered why Nintendo kept insisting that Mario was a plumber in addition to his many other roles, you need wonder no more since, officially, he has taken “plumber” off of his resume.