Overwatch is getting free-for-all and team deathmatch modes

After repeatedly declaring in the past that Overwatch would never get deathmatch-style modes that valued kills above all else, it would seem Blizzard has had a change of heart, a BIG change of heart at that since not one but two new deathmatch modes will soon be added to the game.

In the most recent Overwatch developer update video (which you can watch below), game director Jeff Kaplan acknowledged that Blizzard once said Overwatch would never get deathmatch-style modes, but the studio’s thinking changed when it introduced the Arcade suit of more outlandish modes and modifiers last year:

“The coolest part of the Arcade is that it’s opened up our ability as developers to introduce game modes to you guys that we wouldn’t normally feel comfortable putting in the quick-play or competitive rotation.”

The first new mode will be an eight-player free-for-all deathmatch where the first player to 20 kills wins (though all players in the top half of the scoreboard will be granted a “win” towards bonus Arcade loot boxes) and the second will be a 6v6 team deathmatch in which each team races to be the first to rack up 30 kills. Kaplan also said that any players revived by Mercy’s Resurrect will be subtracted from the kill counter (basically making her a mandatory pick in the team deathmatch mode) and the free-for-all mode will include a brand new map called Chateau Guillard, a significant spot for Overwatch lore fans since it’s the former home of the villainous sniper Widowmaker.

Both of the new deathmatch modes are available right now on the Overwatch public test server, which means they’ll likely be added to the live game within the next few weeks.