Paragon’s latest update includes a dramatic hero balance overhaul

Epic Games’ unique third-person action MOBA title Paragon is getting a pretty substantial update called ‘The New Dawn’ which brings sweeping changes to the game’s core mechanics, hero balancing, and overall speed.

Of course, dedicated fans will likely remember this isn’t the first major overhaul Paragon has received, but when a single patch makes such strident steps towards improving overall flow and gameplay, it’s probably best not to look a gift horse in the mouth. You can find a full list of changes and patch notes courtesy of the Paragon website, but here’s a brief rundown of what The New Dawn brings to the table:

  • 100 new ability cards and a new gem system that allows players to more thoroughly customize their favorite heroes
  • Affinities are now tied to decks instead of individual heroes, which means you can use your favorite decks no matter which hero you pick
  • Both hero attack animations and cooldown timers have been drastically sped up, giving Paragon a more fast-paced feel
  • A reworked Mastery system which provides additional rewards for leveling up individual heroes

The New Dawn isn’t available on live servers just yet, but interested players can currently try it out on the Paragon test server. Paragon is available for both PC and PlayStation 4.