PC mech shooter Hawken is being shut down

A bit of sad news has come in for any Hawken fans out there who are still playing the game on PC: it’s set to be shut down early next year.

Developer Reloaded Games, which inherited the development responsibilities of Hawken from the now defunct Adhesive Games in 2015, confirmed the PC version’s shutdown via this recent Facebook post. Reloaded says it wants to refocus its development efforts, and it would seem that Hawken won’t be part of that refocusing effort. While Hawken won’t fully shut down until January 2, 2018, players can no longer make any new DLC purchases as of the time of this writing.

Hawken’s shutdown ends a run that began way back in 2014 when the game originally launched on Steam. There are ports of Hawken for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and it’s not entirely clear what will happen to them yet, though fans probably shouldn’t count on them sticking around for much longer, just to be safe.