Preview: There are no powers in Life is Strange: Before the Storm

One of the exciting announcements during E3 this week was Life is Strange: Before the Storm, a prequel to 2015’s award-winning episodic narrative adventure game, Life is Strange. Before the Storm is a three-episode game that takes place three years before the events of Life is Strange, starring a pre-blue haired, 16-year old Chloe Price. And no, she doesn’t have any rewind time powers, and neither does anyone else in the game.

For those who don’t remember, Chloe was the best friend of Life is Strange protagonist Max Caulfield.

We got an early look at Life is Strange: Before the Storm during E3 2017 this week. While Life is Strange developers Dontnod Entertainment are currently handling the sequel to the game, the prequel is being developed and written by the folks at Deck Nine Games. Chris Floyd of Deck Nine Games and co-director of Before the Storm explained that the game came to be as a direct response to the passionate fans who want to return to Arcadia Bay and revisit the characters they became attached to in the original game.

How Chole became Chloe

The hands-off demo began with Chloe Price dealing with teenage angst, Max moving away, and the emotional baggage of losing her father a couple of years prior. She’s started drinking, smoking weed, and, in the demo we saw, sneaking into illegal underground concerts, and stealing t-shirts.

The gameplay stays true to the original game with interactive objects, people, and animals along with the conversation tree that has its consequences we’re all so familiar with. While in the original game Max carried a camera taking pictures of everything, Chloe can go around and tag up objects with different phrases. Yeah, Chloe is a bit of delinquent.

The game will feature new characters, as well as familiar characters from the original game but the game’s focus is the development of the friendship between Chloe and Rachel Amber. And according to Floyd, don’t expect to see anything surrounding or about Rachel’s disappearance, which is a major plot point in the original game.

Chloe and Rachel meet at the underground concert after Rachel steps in to diffuse a situation between Chloe and some sketchy dudes at the show. After the incident, we fast forwarded a bit deeper into the first episode where Chloe and Rachel are ditching school together, hanging out around town, and continually developing their relationship. They crack jokes and talk about getting drunk but something is bothering Rachel which causes some strain early in their relationship.

Of course, we’re never shown what the issue is with Rachel, and instead we were encouraged to grab Episode 1 of Life is Strange: Before the Storm on August 31 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Take a look at the demo we were shown below:

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