RAID: World War II co-op shooter launches in September

Publisher Starbreeze and developer Lion Game Lion have announced that RAID: World War II, an upcoming co-op shooter set during the second World War, will launch for PC in September and consoles a month later in October.

According to a press release from Starbreeze, it sounds like Raid will function as a sort of World War II-era version of the popular co-op heist game Payday 2 (another game published by Starbreeze). Playing as four different freedom fighter operatives (each of which embodies a different character class with their own skills and abilities), players will infiltrate, sabotage, assassinate, steal, and do whatever else they have to do in order to take down the Third Reich.

Along with more traditional elements like character customization and unlockable weapons/cosmetic items, RAID will also sport more unique features such as Challenge Cards (optional modifiers that provide simultaneous boons and penalties) and Operations (more narrative-driven versions of existing missions with their own objectives and rewards). Again, it sounds like if you’re a fan of the Payday series, RAID: World War II will be something you’ll want to check out.

Raid: World War II will launch on September 26 for PC, and October 10 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.