Rainbow Six Siege’s next patch will shore up the game’s foundation

The next major patch for Rainbow Six Siege won’t be adding any new features to the game, but what it will be doing is making the game itself perform at an optimal level by reducing load times and improving textures.

The “Y2S3.0” patch (“Year Two Season Three”) will “reset the foundation that future patches are built upon” according to this recent post from Ubisoft. Once the patch is fully up and running, all Siege players will benefit from the following changes:

  • Siege will take up less space on your platform’s hard drive
  • Load times will be reduced by roughly 10 percent
  • Subsequent game patches will be smaller and will thus be able to be deployed more quickly
  • Visual textures will be improved on PC (for those who meet the required system specs)

The only downside is that, due to the expansive nature of the Y2S3.0 patch, it will likely end up being pretty darn big (Ubisoft estimates it will be about 26GB on PC, 15GB on consoles), so expect to spend a good chunk of time just downloading the darn thing. A specific timetable for when the Y2S3.0 patch will be released hasn’t yet been determined, but it will likely be relatively soon.