Review: Vertagear Triigger 275 Gaming Chair

We're back again taking a look at another gaming chair, only this time it's one that stands out from the crowd. Meet Vertagear's Triigger 275, a gaming/office hybrid that offers some of the advantages and features of typical gaming chairs with a more understated, office-friendly look.

Ad yes, it's called the "Triigger." I know the pitchforks are already being sharpened, but that’s how Vertagear spells it. Be careful if you're Googling it, because that spelling can be tricky. 

The Vertagear Triigger 275 is currently available for $599.99 on Newegg

Building the Chair

Right out of the box the Vertagear Triigger 275 gaming chair impressed me. Not only was the packaging compact and minimal, but it is by far the easiest thing I’ve ever had to construct, and I’m including Ikea furniture (a good baseline for easy projects). Seriously, all you have to do is attach the wheels to the base, throw on the gas lift, and plonk the chair on top of it.

We've put together a lot of chairs in our office, including plenty from Vertagear, and this one was a breeze compared to all of the others we've tried. Though setup is only a small part of the whole chair experience, it gets everything off to a good start. 

Design & Comfort

So obviously the Triigger isn’t your standard gaming chair. In fact, it looks much more like something you’d see in an office environment. Now, is that a good thing? That really depends on your personal preference, but I will tell you that it’s more comfortable than your typical $50 office seat. 

Overall, it’s a very unrestrictive chair, meaning that most body types will love the design. The seat width is nearly 20 inches, whereas most gaming chairs have a width of around 15 inches.

For lumbar support you have a small flexible crossbar on the backside of the chair that pushes your back into a proper position. It’s forgiving, and with the ability to adjust the height of the seat back overall, it becomes very comfortable.

There’s only a little bit of leather, calfskin if you’re curious, that accents the chair. Everywhere else we get the thin, flexible mesh material that breathes incredibly well. You won’t ever have the problem of sticking to this chair when it’s hotter than 90 degrees outside, which could make it a better choice than typical gaming chairs depending on your typical environment. 

The wheels are also different from your standard chairs, gaming or not. They are Holtron 65mm hub-less caster wheels that run whisper quiet. Because of the slight difference in wheel type the chair moves less smoothly over some surfaces, but it's nothing to be too concerned about.

In addition, you can order 75mm Holtron wheels for $100 more. If you’re doing a lot of rolling over office carpet, not to mention plush home shag, the larger wheels are worth a look.

The Triigger 275 comes in four different color options. We had the red, which is more like a fine burgundy than a red Skittle, but it looks good (though won’t match your MSI dragon accessories). The blue option also has a sharp look. The chairs are all made from 98% recyclable materials, which may not factor into your buying decision but is an interesting touch. 

Killer Features

Where the design really differs from other gaming chairs is how it approaches the tilt mechanism. Actually, Vertagear approached customizing your sitting experience in different ways for almost every aspect.

Underneath the armrests are small paddles that trigger different things. On the left arm is the tilt mechanism; click it once while applying pressure to the backrest to adjust the tilt angle. Once you’ve achieved the desired angle click it again to lock it into place. Likewise, the paddle underneath the right armrest is for your up and down motion.

In place of the traditional up and down lever, Vertagear put the chair rigidity adjuster. The rotating lever is convenient, and allows the user to adjust the chair stiffness much quicker than any other chair on the market.

While all three mechanisms are simple to use, they do take some time to adjust to, so be patient. Once you've mastered them, they feel a lot cooler and are easier to use than what you'll find on other chairs. 

How does it stack up against standard gaming chairs? 

So we have a comfortable chair that looks good and has some innovative adjustment features. Are there any downsides? Well, and this is my biggest gripe with the chair, there is no head support. The chair back ends at about your shoulder blades, much like a regular office chair will, so doesn't give you the cushy headrest you find on other Vertagear chairs. 

If we had the optional headrest attachment that is shown in the instruction booklet this would solve this problem, but as it stands, the headrest attachment isn’t currently available for purchase (and would of course cost some extra money). 

Overall, I think this is a good chair with some very interesting features, but it doesn’t really look like a gaming chair, which will be a plus or minus depending on your personal style. The Triigger 275 wants to be a gaming chair while still blending into a standard office environment. But the lack of head support holds it back, especially when you consider the chair costs $599.99 without any optional upgrades.

For more info, check out the Vertagear Triigger 275 on Newegg