It’s easy to get lost in the glowing RGB sea of mechanical keyboards. Every company has a seemingly infinite supply of new boards coming out at astonishing speed, and Logitech is no exception.

As one of the older and more highly revered brands in the PC peripheral market, Logitech has a special place in the game accessory pantheon. They put out a wide variety of consistently good offerings, and their keyboards (for the most part) are no exception. They, like most companies in this business, have a wide range of products in this market available at a wide range of prices.

For those of you who want to get a premium looking mechanical keyboard at a reasonable price point, the G413 Carbon could be just what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at what premium features this board does (and doesn’t) have when compared to the competition.

You can pick up the Logitech G413 Carbon on Newegg for $90.

Sharp Design

The most exciting thing about this board is the high-end feel and design. Most of the black and grey chassis is plastic, but the top is built from a thick piece of machine brushed aluminum with surprisingly sharp edges. The Carbon has the weight, feel, and modern aesthetic of a high end board, with raised keys that make it simple to clean.

Weighing in at about two and a half pounds, this isn’t going to slide around your desk, but it also has a pretty low space profile if clearance on your cluttered desk in a concern.

There’s a USB passthrough on the bottom right of the board, near an unobtrusive Logitech logo. This means the braided cable terminates in dual USB male outputs. The pass-through is a nice bonus on a keyboard in this price range, especially on one so thin.

Below the chassis are a pair of horizontally placed feet for angled typing, as well as some cable passthroughs in case you want to route an additional peripheral underneath the keyboard.

It’s a small thing, but little details add up.

The keyboard is backlit, but unfortunately it’s only red, no RGB to be found here. That’s not hugely surprising given the moderate pricing. The light comes shines quite clearly through the plastic keycaps due to the surface-mounted LED of the switch, and the font on the keys is perfectly simple and legible.

One feature that I do miss is a Number Lock indicator. I’m unclear on why they would omit this light, especially when they have one for Caps Lock. It’s an irritating oversight, and several times I found myself wishing Logitech hadn’t taken this shortcut.

The function key is used for media controls and the brightness of the backlight, which can be turned off if you’re not feeling the red. If you use Logitech’s Gaming Software you can further customize key mapping, which is a welcome feature.

Overall, other than the USB passthrough, it’s not the most feature rich keyboard on the market. The design is super classy however, especially for something in this price range.


Looks are important and all, but at the end of the day typing (and gaming) is what a keyboard is for.

The G413 uses Logitech’s Romer-G metal contact keyboard switches. These proprietary switches have a high actuation point of around 1.5mm, with a Logitech alleged full travel time of around 3mm.

I’ve always found the Romer-G family to feel a touch membraney. They remind me of Cherry MX Brown switches due to the light tactile feedback. I had no trouble quickly adapting despite my personal preference for more clicky switches, and was up to my standard WPM very quickly. It’s not going to be replacing my Topre board anytime soon, but I can certainly understand the appeal.

It should be stated too that these switches are beloved by many, and some high level professional gamers actually prefer them. This could very well be a perfect example of subjective tastes.

These Romer-G switches are rated for 10 million keystrokes, so this board should last a LONG time.

Final Thoughts

The Logitech G413 is one of Logitech’s more practical keyboards. The lack of RGB and a Num Lock light is disappointing, but the highly polished presentation, inclusion of a USB passthrough, and durable switches make up for those shortcomings. This is a well made mechanical keyboard for the price, and assuming you don’t mind the red back light it would be a fine addition to a gaming set up.