I recently bought a PlayStation 4 Pro and was disappointed to find that despite the improvement of the graphics, processing, and storage of the system, we were still stuck with the same one-piece, mono headphones that were shipped with the original PlayStation 4.

So what would be a good replacement? Personally, I like to find headphones that I’m able to use for both gaming and outside in the real world, like when exercising, traveling, or just waiting in a doctor’s office. Headphones that sound great not only in a setting for gaming, but also for music and movies.

The recently released line of V-Moda in-ear headphones seemed to fit that kind of mold that I look for. V-Moda has three version of its wired in-ear headphones, Forza, Forza Metallo, and Zn (they also have Forza Metallo Wireless in-ear headphones).

V-Moda sent over the Forza Metallo and I was able to try out the headphones on my PlayStation 4 Pro, as well as my daily use of my Samsung Galaxy S7, and my MSI GS60 laptop.


V-Moda describes the Forza Metallo headphones “high-res audio headphones for the active audiophile” and is equipped with a 5.8mm featherweight micro driver that provides a solid balance between bass, mids, and highs. The driver is encased in a CNC forged aircraft-grade metal housing, which is lightweight, but still carries a bit of weight so that it doesn’t feel like some cheap aluminum. The headphones also comes with four sets of fittings that V-Moda brands as BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) that offer noise cancellation and bass accentuation. There’s enough of a variety of the fittings that everyone should have a pair that fits them perfectly.

In addition to the fittings, the headphones come with three different sizes of sport fins, and a pair of sport hooks for the incredibly active people who worry about their headphones continually falling out of their ears while working out. The cable connecting everything is touted as being “ultra-reinforced” and 20 times stronger than the industry standard headphone cable.

Design and Comfort

Not everyone’s ears are the same so V-Moda’s offer of multiple sizes of fittings is a great solution. It was easy to remove and replace the fittings to try out the four different fittings to find that best pair for my ears. They’re soft, very comfortable, and offers an excellent noise-cancelling environment. They’re so comfortable that sometimes I didn’t even feel them in my ears.

The design and craftsmanship are also of a superior quality than your average in-ear headphones. While previous in-ear headphones from V-Moda had a threaded material for its cable, the rubber-like cable with the Forza Metallo feels just as durable, if not moreso, than their previous models. With the threaded cables of the past, I used to have issues with a piece of the cable getting caught on a zipper or some other wear and tear that would start unraveling pieces of the thread, exposes pieces of the wire. Usually I covered those parts up with some electrical tape, but with the Forza Metallo, this seems like a problem I won’t have to worry about.

The headphones have an unassuming black and grey look. There isn’t anything that will have passersby asking “what kind of headphones are those?” like V-Moda’s over-the-ear line of headphones, but at the same time, they don’t look like everyone else white earbuds that come with most Samsung and Apple phones.


For the past several weeks I’ve been using the headphones in a gaming setting on my PlayStation Pro and for music, movies, and TV shows on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and my MSI GS60 laptop.

The fittings, as advertised, also help to enhance the bass. This is a requirement for any pair of headphones I use – I have to feel that bass – and V-Moda is able to capture that with the Forza Metallo. Another requirement for any pair of headphones for me is noise cancellation. I want to be immersed in whatever I’m listening to without any distraction. That goes for music, movies, and games. The fittings included with the headphones do a great job of silencing the outside world. I travel quite a bit so I used the headphones on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for music on a plane and watched downloaded shows and movies on my Netflix app. If there was a crying baby on the plane, I didn’t hear one peep.

I also tried out the sport fins that came with the headphones, but for my daily use, I really didn’t think they were necessary. They’re supposed to assist in keeping the headphones in your ear when running or working out so that when you’re bouncing up and down or sweating, they don’t slip out. That’s also where the sport hooks come in. I didn’t need those in my daily use either, but when I did add in the sport hooks, it felt like if I were to go running, the headphones would stay securely around my ears instead of falling down near my legs.

When using the headphones with my PlayStation Pro, they sound just as good as listening to music or watching a movie but don’t really capture the nuances of games like a pair of Astro headphones would. I played some Watch Dogs 2 and some Dishonored 2 and the intricate sounds found in the games weren’t as pronounced with a pure gaming headset, but it wasn’t terrible. As far as in-game chat, it works just as well as any non-gaming headphones, and infinitely better than the headset that comes with the PlayStation 4.