Skyrim Together co-op mod should launch by the end of 2017

While those who are willing to pay a little extra will undoubtedly be able to get some pretty cool Skyrim content through the game’s Creation Club, there is at least one free new mod that fans should be very excited about, especially since it should be arriving before the end of 2017: the Skyrim Together co-op mod.

True to its name, Skyrim Together will allow multiple players to play Skyrim together on a single online server. The mod has been in development for several years now by a small yet passionate team of nine different modders. According to this live to-do list which the dev team posted on Reddit, much of the Skyrim Together mod is either already done or close to it, and the team anticipates the mod will be ready for a full launch by the end of the year.

Ideally, Skyrim Together could launch as early as this month (October), but the dev team says that fans shouldn’t consider an October launch set in stone. However, barring any major issues, fans should soon have many more reasons (equal to the amount of Skyrim-playing friends they have) to boot up Bethesda’s latest entry in the Elder Scrolls series before year’s end.

You can watch a short developer preview of how Skyrim Together will handle specific in-game systems (like quests) below.