Spider-Man on PS4 will feature multiple outfits for Spidey

The iconic web-slinging hero Spider-Man will sport a unique new outfit in Insomniac’s upcoming PS4-exclusive title Marvel’s Spider-Man, but those who aren’t completely enamored with Spidey’s new look needn’t fret as Insomniac has confirmed there will be other outfits available as well.

When a fan asked Insomniac via Twitter whether Spider-Man would have additional outfits available to him in Marvel’s Spider-Man, Insomniac responded in the affirmative, though it sadly didn’t provide any additional details about what exactly those outfits will be.

Thanks to the game’s recent E3 trailer, we know that Miles Morales, another young man who has taken on the Spider-Man identity in certain arcs, will show up in some capacity (players will control classic Spider-Man protagonist Peter Parker), so it stands to reason that Morales’s version of the Spider-Man suit could be useable. Fans are also hoping for other classic outfits like the Crimson Spider-Man suit or even the black Symbiote Spider-Man outfit, though, again, for now Insomniac is staying tight-lipped.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is currently slated to be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018.