Steam Greenlight mass approves games before closing down for good

Steam Greenlight, the oftentimes controversial system which allowed Steam users to vote for potential games they wanted to see come to Valve’s digital storefront, has officially closed its doors. However, before the plug was pulled, nearly all of the games that were awaiting approval on the platform were approved en masse, nearly 3,400 to be exact.

Valve announced the mass approval in a recent update post which explained the transition from Steam Greenlight into the new replacement system: Steam Direct. According to Valve, the only Steam Greenlight games that weren’t approved were ones which didn’t have sufficient voter data or ones which had received user-submitted reports for major rule infractions. All other Steam Greenlight games are now available through Steam proper.

As for Steam Direct, it will feature a, well, much more direct process in which developers who want to put their game on Steam submit an application along with a $100 fee directly to Valve. If the game is approved, the $100 fee is returned to the developer once their game exceeds $1,000 in profits.