Titanfall: Assault mobile game gets a release date

Respawn Entertainment has announced that the release of Titanfall: Assault, a mobile spin-off game set in the studio’s established Titanfall franchise, will be launching in just a few days.

To be more specific, Titanfall: Assault will arrive this upcoming Thursday, August 10. Unlike the more traditional FPS Titanfall games, Assault will be a mobile RTS title in which players recruit and upgrade crews of Pilots and Titans, amass Burn Cards and other upgrade materials, and engage in combat missions to take over enemy territories.

Titanfall: Assault is actually Respawn’s second attempt to spin off the Titanfall universe into a mobile game. The first attempt, Titanfall: Frontline, was a mobile card game which was sadly cancelled during its beta period. When it launches later this week, Titanfall: Assault will be available on both iOS and Android.