Tyranny is getting both free and paid DLC

Obsidian Entertainment has announced that Tyranny, its dark isometric RPG in which evil has already won, is getting both free and paid DLC, some of which is actually available as of this writing.

According to Obsidian, there are three major DLC additions coming to Tyranny:

  • A free game update which includes a revised skill system, balance tweaks for combat, and new game features such as the ability to respect both your created character and their companions as well as a ‘New Game Plus’ option which lets players start a new game while retaining their character’s power, wealth, magic spells, and more.
  • An event pack called Tales from the Tiers which adds a wealth of new encounter events to the game’s overworld. These events include new combat encounters, quests, and more.
  • A large DLC expansion called The Bastard’s Wound which includes an entire new region to explore, new story content, new missions, and new companion quests.

Both the free game update and Tales from the Tiers are available now (Tales from the Tiers can be purchased at a $6.99 price point). The Bastard’s Wound is set to launch later in 2017, though Obsidian hasn’t yet announced how much it will cost.