We Happy Few’s next major game update is coming in August

Compulsion Games has given fans of its in-development survival horror game We Happy Few some fresh words on how the game is coming along and what can be expected in the near future.

According to this new post on We Happy Few’s Steam Community page, Compulsion discussed the alterations it had made to the game’s update schedule:

“Originally we were planning to release two updates before the final release of the game: the Joy related update, and an update that would have contained the Parade District (a brand new biome). We have decided to push out only one major update between now and final release. This will be the Joy update, a bit later in the schedule (it will now come out around mid August), to make it bigger and better, and keep the Parade District for the final release.”

Compulsion went on to say that the reasoning behind the above changes was that it was getting pretty hard to both maintain a consistent update release schedule and simultaneously keep up with developing the game’s story-based content. As such, current Early Access players will have to make due with a slightly slower content release schedule, but We Happy Few’s final release should be all the stronger as a result.

Speaking of the final release, Compulsion doesn’t yet have a specific date nailed down, but it will likely be sometime later this year considering the final pre-release update is scheduled for August.