We Happy Few launches via Early Access

A barebones-yet-stable version of Compulsion Games’ trippy survival game We Happy Few is now available on both Xbox One and PC, with a full release planned within the coming year.

In We Happy Few, players can explore the procedurally generated British town of Wellington Wells during a 1960’s-era alternate history where residents seek to forget the horrors of a recent catastrophe by doping themselves up on a drug called Joy. Of course, things aren’t quite that simple for the player’s character, a “downer” who has decided to stop taking Joy and who must escape from the town before its citizens discover their downer status and decide to administer the “cure” (i.e. death).

The Early Access version allows players to explore a mostly complete version of Wellington Wells while utilizing several core gameplay systems including stealth, crafting, and combat, but much of the game’s story elements (including cinematics and a majority of in-game quests) have yet to be added in. Compulsion Games expects the full version of We Happy Few to launch at some point within the next 6-12 months.

A free preview build of We Happy Few is available on Xbox One, and the PC Early Access version can be purchased from various digital retailers for $39.99 (Compulsion Games has confirmed that the Early Access price is lower than what the game’s final price will be).