What we learned from the new Overwatch comic, Masquerade

Blizzard recently released its latest Overwatch comic installment - Masquerade. In a few short pages, it manages to connect existing Overwatch videos and events, answer some questions about Talon, and pose even more.

It picks up where the Doomfist animated short left off. Doomfist breaks out of jail and hitches a ride with Reaper.

First, they go over the botched Volskaya industries operation featured in the Infiltration short. We discover that Doomfist is pleased that the mission failed and Volskaya survived because she will “keep the fight going” between omnics and humans. Also, Reaper knows that Sombra is blackmailing Volskaya, but Sombra doesn’t know that Reaper knows. And Reaper knows that Sombra doesn’t know that he knows. And we know that Reaper knows that Sombra doesn’t know that he kno… ok, you get the point.

Given that Sombra is the kind of person that likes to be one step ahead, I’m curious if she’s aware that Reaper has her number.

They go on to discuss the Mondatta assassination, as featured in the heartbreaking Alive short. Mondatta is a political figure that’s sort of a Marting Luther King Jr.-meets-Dalai Lama figure killed by Widowmaker. They also mention the Overwatch Uprising event, where Null Sector omnic terrorists led a rebellion that devastated London. Greater casualties were narrowly avoided by the intervention of Overwatch – particularly Reinhardt, Mercy, Tracer, and Torbjorn. In the Overwatch Uprising comic, we find out that Reyes had McCree stationed in London when the crisis broke out - somewhere neither he nor Overwatch is supposed to be, during a time period when Blackwatch is suspended.

Doomfist views the Uprising as a missed opportunity. Judging from the comic, Reaper / Reyes was a traitor to the cause of Overwatch long before he donned the edgelord hood and mask. It raises many questions - was Reyes always a member of Talon? When did he lose faith in Overwatch’s mission? Did he ever believe in it at all? Did he assist in the London Uprising? In the Uprising comic, it sounds like Reyes has sympathy for Null Sector. While Ana Amari refers to them as terrorists, Reyes makes the point that omnics helped build London and serve as its workforce but are given no rights and no citizenship. Reaper also mentions that he stole Winston’s list of Overwatch agents and has managed to kill a few - events that took place in the Recall video.

Traveling the world of Overwatch 

We move on to Monaco and meet an omnic known as Maximilien, another member of the Talon council, showing that Talon is not merely an anti-omnic hate group, omnics hold positions of high leadership. We also get to see Sombra, Widowmaker, and Doomfist hanging around in snazzy formalwear, which I would love to see as in-game skins. Cocktail dress Sombra? Evening gown Widowmaker? White tux Doomfist? Yes, please!

Widowmaker and Doomfist are attacked by henchmen in the employ of Vialli, another Talon council member. It’s interesting to note that Widowmaker and Doomfist remain dangerous even without their trademark weapons.

From there, the story moves on to Venice and a major Talon council coup. Widowmaker takes down one member, Sombra disables the security, and Reaper kills several guards while wearing a Red Death costume, which also deserves to become an in-game skin. Vialli tries to pull a “nothing personal, just business” gambit against Doomfist, which gets him thrown off a roof. During this exchange, Doomfist says, “Profit is not our concern. You know better. We aren’t criminals, satisfied by wealth and power. We know better.” Vialli and his faction seem to want to take Talon in an “evil corporation” direction, while Doomfist, Reaper, et al have other plans. Namely, using Talon’s resources and military forces to start a war.

In Doomfist’s intro video, he mentions his belief system regarding conflict, which bears more than a passing resemblance to social Darwinism. Are they trying to create a new Omnic Crisis in order to separate the wheat from the chaff of humanity AND the omnic race?

I hope that we see more comics like these, tying together disparate elements of the Overwatch universe. It’s a terrific reward for fans (like myself) who obsessively follow every bit of Overwatch lore.

What did you think of the Masquerade comic? Did I miss any Easter eggs? Let us know in the comments below!